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♥ Hermo ♥

♥ Hermo ♥

For those who know me, you should know that I love shopping online! First of all it's convenient and secondly, the things are super cheap! I'm always out hunting for the best deal there is out there! This is not a sponsored post, I just love sharing great things for all my beautiful readers out there.

Last month one of my colleague introduced me to this website called Hermo from Malaysia and they have over 2,500 authentic products in stock. 100% originals! 

Currently there is a Christmas sales going on so better hurry up if you want to grab something for your best friend, sister, mother, brother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. Whoever it is, there will be something in there for you! If you do not know what do choose! Play the game! It's worth the try! You'll get RM5 voucher too!

Click here -> HERMO

Here's what I got!

I got Epure Membranus Jelly Masque and Annie's way Aloe Anti Acne-Jelly mask. The review will be up very soon.

For first time check outs, a free gift will be included and for my purchase, I got a free mask from Holika Holika, a box of cotton and a pretty Christmas greetings.

Behind the card is a little greetings from Hermo and along with that, they have included a RM5 voucher that you can use for your next purchase!

Q/A Section!

How long does the shipping take?
- After checkout, packing takes 2-3 days and once shipped, it takes 2 days for it to reach the destination. 

Where does it ship to?
- It only ships to Malaysia, Not sure if it ships to Brunei or not, but you can try.

Does it include GST?
- Of course!

Is it easy to navigate around the website?
- Super easy!

Any shipping fees?
- Only if you meet the requirements, you are eligible for free shipping! Otherwise, it's gonna be RM12.

What are the payment methods?
- There are different ways. Paypal, Credit Card or through bank. Your choice!

Any other questions, feel free to drop me an email or check out Hermo's website. Contact their admin for more questions.

What are you waiting for? Head off and shop till you drop without even breaking a sweat!

- Kimmy Loo -

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